Embrace the digital ID revolution

1 Nov 2023

The digital ID revolution is not a distant future, but a current reality transforming most aspects of our lives. It’s comparable to the transition from horse-drawn carriages to modern automobiles. Whether you choose to embrace this change or remain behind is entirely up to you.

Why digital ID matters

Privacy breaches are increasingly dominating headlines. What often remains unspoken is the root cause of many of these breaches: human error. It’s not typically an army of hackers in a secret underground lair, as you might see in Hollywood movies. No, the majority of breaches occur because someone in an office somewhere inadvertently hands over sensitive information to the wrong party. Here are three ways to keep yourself and your company data breach free.

These unintentional data leaks are the real challenge, and they’re precisely why the Digital ID revolution is both critical and nearly impervious to hacking. In Europe, digital IDs are already seamlessly integrated into daily life. Banks are demanding higher levels of identity verification, and biometric IDs are the answer.

Legislation changes in Australia

Australia is now joining the global movement towards digital ID checks. The Australian government has introduced groundbreaking legislation to permanently adopt digital execution, electronic signatures, and video-link witnessing for statutory declarations. This forward-thinking move is projected to save over $156 million annually and supercharge productivity. To put it into perspective, Australians collectively spend a staggering 9 million hours every year processing more than 3.8 million statutory declarations. 1

OnePassport and the digital ID revolution

At OnePassport, we’re actively contributing to the digital ID revolution. We’ve seamlessly integrated with ConnectID®, Yoti, CVCheck, Services Australia and vSure, establishing a secure ecosystem for the simple creation, verification, and protection of your information and your workers’ data. Your data isn’t just safe; it’s fortified with encryption and multiple layers of security to guarantee the authenticity of the individuals at the other end of your digital connections.

As the digital ID landscape evolves, it’s becoming easier and more convenient than ever to verify credentials and safeguard your data. You don’t have to grapple with antiquated ink-and-paper methods or worry about accidental breaches.

Don’t wait – contact us today

So, why wait? Reach out to us today to discover how OnePassport is at the forefront of the Digital ID revolution, bringing enhanced security and convenience to you. Say goodbye to the past and step into a safer and more streamlined future.

  1. Australian AG Officially Approves Digital ID for Statutory Declarations 

®ConnectID is a registered trademark of ConnectID Pty Ltd ABN 80 648 970 101.