Workforce Risk Managed

OnePassport is a digital risk management system for workforce compliance

Protect your organisation, people and customers with OnePassport, the first choice in workforce compliance and credentialing management.

OnePassport is a powerful and encrypted cloud based solution that ensures your organisation meets regulatory requirements to address privacy, security and compliance risks whilst streamlining processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Don't know where to start? 

The OnePassport Workforce Risk Scorecard benchmarks your level of risk of compliance failure or regulatory breach. Answer 25 questions in 5 minutes and receive your free report. No strings attached.

Clients and Partners who trust OnePassport

Lower Risk
no business is free from operational risk

External risks imposed by natural disasters, regulatory changes, or political shifts all contribute to organisational risk. People form the largest part of any business and, by default, are the greatest strength AND highest area of risk.  This negatively impacts the bottom line and business reputation leaving devastating impacts if not recognised and addressed. Read more...

Depending on location, 20% - 80% of workplaces need evidence of staff credentials to meet regulatory compliance.  70% don't have a system that effectively meets the challenges and public expectations now faced.  

save time

Stop receiving employee documents by email, downloading, naming and uploading to multiple systems. Dedicated App for employees.

Receive documents securely.

Automate reminders to staff.
Receive alerts for expired compliance items.


Great value for money. 50% less time spent managing staff and compliance data. Reduce FTE required to complete administration tasks. Flexible payment and configuration options.

save  stress

Can't see who is compliant and who isn't?  

Having to rely on a particular person for urgent data?  

Manage access without privacy breaches.  

Worried about transferring sensitive information by email?  

Inbuilt secure, data transfer.

We focus on outcomes for your organisation, not just technology

Share information between organisations

Workforce compliance made easy

  • All your workforce compliance in one cloud based place
  • Immunisation status (both vaccination and tests)
  • Professional Registrations, Licenses and Permits
  • Police Checks, Working with Children/Vulnerable People Checks, Blue card, Yellow Card
  • Residency, Visa, Right to Work
  • Find out more...

One button is all you need

At the press of a button you can view, share and create reports for one or all of the people you work with in seconds

Find out more...

Data synced in OnePassport
Upload documents to OnePassport

Fast secure and easy to use (We even set it up for you)

  • From identifying your needs through to loading the data and training users 
  • What you can dream of, we can make happen
  • Your ideal people management becomes your reality

Our Approach

We use our experience to create yours

As industry experts we understand the challenges you have.

We focused on the outcome and not the technology.

We individualise solutions to your needs, you're not just a number to us you're a business wanting to do better.

We focus on turning manual processes into automated, digital systems.  Our technology helps you improve your workflows to increase productivity, lower risk and stress.


As a CEO I feel much happier knowing I can see all our key compliance metrics at a glance.  Before I was unable to even get some of this information.  That level of visibility and transparency is very reassuring.

Our Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know you can trust us?

At OnePassport we know how disappointing software systems can be when they don't deliver.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients to create solutions that solve their problems. OnePassport is Australian built and Australian owned. Data security and privacy is important to you and important to us. We use latest encryption technology to make sure that your information is cocooned and safe. We regularly undergo ‘penetration testing’ (hacking) to identify potential security risks and tighten solutions.


How much does it cost?

OnePassport is priced for affordability from the smallest organisation to the largest enterprise.  Click here for more information on pricing


Where is the information kept? Is it safe?

All data is encrypted and stored securely on servers held within Australia. Click here for more security information.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, the system has been created for a range of end user abilities.  We use client feedback to continuously update and improve the user experience. 


Can OnePassport send data through to the Australian Immunisation Register?

Yes, One Passport has a dedicated connection with the Australian Immunisation Register