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What if you could cross boundaries and not have to start again?

OnePassport is a free, online, personal data repository. Empowering you to be in charge of your own information including qualifications, credentials, industry training and other personnel record information. Giving you the freedom and choice to move where the opportunities exist.

How does OnePassport work?

Never lose an important document again.

Manage your own personal HR information

Including contact details, work & education experience, skills, credentials & permits.

Receive verified information

Upload and receive the verifications on your qualifications, background checks, employment history.

Easily share your information

Easy to share your info with employers & associations. Both during recruitment & ongoing.

Who is using OnePassport?

Every day thousands of people use OnePassport to hold and share their information with their employers, associations and other membership organisations.

“I’m Japanese so English is my second language. So writing a CV takes me a long time and stresses me. With OnePassport I just fill in each step and it creates my CV for me!”

Satomi K

Sydney, NSW

“As a disability support worker I work for multiple employers at the same time. OnePassport allows me to update my details and share them with each employer automatically.”

Tony E

Geelong, VIC

“As an independent business course trainer, I lecture for a couple of unis and other education providers each semester. We are always needing to update and prove our industry currency in order to be compliant and able to teach. OnePassport makes that easy for me.”

John P

Melbourne, VIC

Why choose OnePassport?

Join the revolution and take ownership of your HR information

Save Time

Never have to individually update each employer & association when you change your email or other details. Update once in OnePassport and all of them receive the update automatically.

Save Money

Store your verified information such as background checks and stop having to buy new copies for each employer.

Stand out from the crowd

Show the complete picture of your qualifications, skills, permits & hobbies to win that job or promotion.

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