Goodbye 2023 and Hello 2024

19 Dec 2023

A year in review and sneak peek into the future at OnePassport

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, it’s time to reflect on our milestones at OnePassport and provide insights into the course we are charting for the upcoming year.

A remarkable recovery journey

In a testament to resilience and commitment our CEO, Michael Maher, has demonstrated remarkable progress in his recovery journey since his unfortunate stroke incident in mid-2022. To raise awareness about the repercussions of strokes, Michael has established The Disabled CEO website. Through various crowdfunding initiatives, OnePassport has successfully raised substantial funds directed towards supporting stroke survivor and ParaMatilda, Nicole Christodoulou. For those interested in contributing to these meaningful endeavours, we encourage visiting The Disabled CEO website.

Celebrating eight years of innovation

Celebrating our eighth year in operation may appear a modest achievement, yet it represents a significant milestone in the technology sector. OnePassport has consistently led the charge with its proprietary software, facilitating numerous organisations in the efficient management of workforce compliance.

Pioneering digital identity security

Positioning ourselves as a pivotal player in the digital identification landscape, OnePassport has strategically partnered with two leading digital ID companies. In a time filled with concerns about data breaches and compromised personal information, our commitment is to strengthen your digital ID against any breach, ensuring security and instilling confidence.

Innovations in 2023 and beyond

Noteworthy developments in 2023 include the launch of our email and text message notification system. This system empowers organisations to proactively manage expiring compliance checks, minimising the need for manual follow-ups and optimising operational efficiency.

Beyond being a workforce compliance solution, OnePassport is evolving into a comprehensive marketplace. Our platform seamlessly integrates background checks, visa verifications, immunisation assessments and digital ID verifications, providing an all-encompassing solution. We take pride in offering third-party integrations, streamlining processes and eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Future-focused advancements for 2024

  1. Continuous platform enhancement: our commitment to remaining at the forefront of workforce compliance management entails regular platform upgrades, ensuring alignment with the latest industry standards.
  2. Global Care Passport: an upcoming addition to our suite of offerings, the Global Care Passport app promises to be a transformative tool. Interested parties are encouraged to join the waitlist for early access.
  3. Ahpra integration: automation takes centre stage with the imminent integration of Ahpra checks within the OnePassport platform, providing organisations with a seamless and efficient compliance verification process.
  4. Expanded integrations: we are actively cultivating partnerships with various entities to expand our service offerings, creating a consolidated and comprehensive workforce compliance solution.
  5. Philanthropic initiatives: our commitment to supporting the stroke foundation remains unwavering. Stay tuned for additional fundraising initiatives designed to raise awareness and contribute to this worthy cause.

As we bid farewell to 2023, the OnePassport team is energised and determined to further elevate our offerings, ensuring that our clients are equipped with cutting-edge solutions for workforce compliance management in the coming year. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges that 2024 will undoubtedly bring, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence.

Stay safe and have a happy new year; we will see you all in 2024.