Our ‘why’ at OnePassport

12 Sep 2023

The majority of healthcare and aged care technology is primarily centered around the customers of these sectors – the patients and residents. However, at OnePassport, we have a different focus – the remarkable workforce comprising support workers, speech therapists, nurses, carers, OTs, doctors, and many other roles.

The importance of healthcare professionals

We firmly believe that the backbone of healthcare lies within its clinicians, without whom there would be no clinical outcomes. Carers and support workers are equally indispensable, as they provide the essential care that is at the heart of these sectors. It’s the dedication and compassion of these extraordinary individuals that help mend broken souls. Whether it’s through surgery or simply by holding a patient’s hand during palliative care, this is a deeply person-centered business, benefiting both the giver and the receiver.

A remarkable example

Nicole Christodoulou’s story is a testament to the incredible impact of healthcare professionals. At the tender age of 21, she suffered two strokes, leaving her paralysed down her left side. Nicole embarked on an arduous journey of rehabilitation, which encompassed relearning essential skills such as walking. Throughout this challenging process, healthcare and allied health professionals played an indispensable role in her recovery. 

Her determination and hard work bore fruit when she was selected for the Australian ParaMatildas team. Nicole’s inspirational journey even caught the attention of Channel 10’s The Project.

Watch it here!

Community support

OnePassport, along with the generous support of the Stroke Foundation, The Disabled CEO, Malvern City Football Club, and members of Freemasons Victoria, has rallied behind Nicole’s cause. Together, we are raising funds to support her membership in the Australian ParaMatildas. It’s important to note that these athletes do not receive government funding and must cover their own expenses, including travel, petrol, time off work, boots, gym and more, amounting to a substantial $18,000 per player each year.

How you can support Nicole

On Sunday, October 8th, we invite you to join us at Nicole Christodoulou’s Charity Soccer Tournament, taking place at Gardiner Park in Glen Iris, Melbourne. This tournament features a round-robin style, half-field, seven-a-side friendly soccer match. Nicole herself will be flying down from Sydney to showcase her skills, sign autographs, and even substitute for some of the teams. You can register either as a team or as an individual participant here.

For those unable to attend but still wanting to contribute, we are accepting donations via our GoFundMe page.

This is the driving force behind our work here at OnePassport. We are deeply grateful for your support of Nicole and encourage you to keep an eye out for her during the upcoming Para Asian Cup in Melbourne, taking place from October 31st to November 12th.