Getting the background on your workers

Simple and scalable solutions for all of your workforce compliance needs

Pre-employment Screening

Organisations and individuals can a wide range of checks through OnePassport and have the results automatically recorded in OnePassport. No more manual processes and double handling of information.

The checks include:

  • (Australian) National Police Checks
  • Australian Federal Police (AFP) Checks
  • International police checks
  • Traffic & License Checks
  • Credit, Financial & Business Checks

CV Check – a trusted partner

OnePassport uses CV Check for all of its background checks. CV Check is the only publicly listed background provider in Australia. They also have the widest variety of checks making it easier for organisations and individuals to get all the checks they need in one place.

Want to know more about what CV Check can do for your business?

Speak to your OnePassport Account Manager for more information.