Introducing Yoti Services in OnePassport Profile App

14 Aug 2023

We are delighted to unveil a groundbreaking enhancement that promises to reshape your digital experience. With great excitement, we present the seamless integration of Yoti services within the OnePassport Profile App – an alliance poised to redefine the landscape of digital identity.

A new era in identity verification

Imagine a realm where proving your online identity is as effortless as a glance or a nod. This is precisely the realm that Yoti’s pioneering digital identity platform ushers in. Yoti transforms your smartphone into the gateway to a digital world where your identity is securely established through biometric verification and government-issued identification.

Envision a scenario where enrolling in a service or gaining access to a secure portal involves no labyrinthine procedures. With the power of Yoti, a mere snapshot and submission of your government ID are all that’s necessary to unlock a world of possibilities. Complexity is replaced by simplicity, and security is seamlessly fused with convenience.

Empowerment through privacy

In an era where personal data privacy is paramount, the partnership between Yoti and OnePassport is founded upon the principles of user autonomy and data security. Your control is paramount – selectively share only the requisite details, thereby minimising information exposure. This marks a new level of privacy where you decide the extent of your digital footprint.

A symbiotic solution for businesses

The innovative fusion of Yoti and the OnePassport Profile App underscores our commitment to enhancing both user and business experiences. Cumbersome identity verification processes are replaced by seamless interactions. Businesses can now streamline customer onboarding while respecting privacy concerns, ushering in an era of efficient yet privacy-conscious operations.

Embarking on a new chapter

Are you ready to embark on a new chapter in digital identity? The journey begins with a simple update of your OnePassport Profile App. Through this seamless transition, you will discover a realm where digital identity isn’t a hurdle but a key to unlocking the digital world.

Pioneering the future together

As we journey forward, we invite you to be part of this exciting evolution. Yoti and OnePassport stand at the forefront of forging a future where identity verification is not an ordeal, but a gateway to personalised digital experiences.

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil more exciting updates and explore uncharted territories alongside Yoti. Together, let’s shape a future where security, convenience, and privacy seamlessly coalesce.

Warm regards,

The OnePassport team