Deepfakes: is your digital ID at risk?

16 Nov 2023

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, the emergence of deepfake technology raises numerous concerns. These concerns span across political manipulation, disinformation and identity theft, all within an environment where the line between reality and fiction has grown increasingly blurred. 

As the potential for deepfake misuse continues to expand, the importance of secure and unique Digital IDs with live biometric scans has never been more critical. In this blog, we’ll explore the far-reaching consequences of deepfakes and identity theft, and how OnePassport is taking a leading role in the fight against these issues through strategic integrations with Yoti and ConnectID®.

The deepfake dilemma

“Deepfake” is a term describing a type of artificial intelligence (AI) technology used to create manipulated or altered digital content, typically in the form of images, videos or audio recordings. These AI-generated manipulations can take various forms, ranging from disinformation campaigns that influence political outcomes to the creation of convincing fake videos and photos targeting individuals. In an age where digital content can be easily manipulated and spread, the consequences are profound.

The consequences of deepfakes

  1. Political manipulation: deepfake technology can be exploited to fabricate content, such as the AI-generated ad depicting President Biden’s second term. These manipulations blur the lines between reality and fiction, making it increasingly challenging to trust digital media.
  2. Identity theft: beyond politics, deepfake technology poses a severe threat to individual privacy. Deepfakes can be used to impersonate individuals, potentially leading to identity theft and fraud. For instance, deepfakes can be created to mimic someone’s voice, making it easier to deceive others.
  3. Erosion of trust: the proliferation of fake images and AI-generated content can lead to a significant erosion of trust in digital media. It becomes difficult to distinguish real content from fabricated content, leading to scepticism and confusion.

Why digital IDs are crucial

Unique digital IDs and live biometric scans are crucial in addressing the consequences of deepfakes and identity theft:

  1. Unique identification: digital IDs offer a unique way to identify individuals. With a distinct number or code associated with a person, it becomes challenging for malicious actors to impersonate someone else, reducing the risk of identity theft.
  2. Live biometric scans: the inclusion of live biometric scans ensures that the person verifying their identity is present at the moment. This significantly raises the bar for identity fraud, making it much harder for deepfake technology to be used for malicious purposes.

OnePassport’s leading role

OnePassport recognises the gravity of the situation and is committed to enhancing the security of digital identities. This commitment is exemplified through partnerships with industry leaders in digital identity and biometric technology, such as Yoti and ConnectID.

  1. Yoti: Yoti is a global digital identity and biometric technology company, dedicated to making it safer for people to prove who they are. By integrating Yoti’s technology, OnePassport ensures that users can have a more secure and verifiable digital identity, making it significantly more challenging for deepfake manipulation and identity theft.
  2. ConnectID: ConnectID acts as an identity exchange, offering a secure way for users to prove their identity through organisations they already trust. OnePassport’s integration with ConnectID further strengthens the security of digital IDs, making them more resilient against identity theft.

The future of digital IDs

As we confront the extensive and far-reaching consequences posed by deepfake technology, the importance of unique digital IDs with live biometric scans cannot be overstated. The need for this level of security is evident in the current climate, as highlighted in the media. 

With OnePassport’s commitment to providing a secure and robust digital identity platform, individuals and organisations can stay ahead of the curve and protect themselves from the extensive consequences of AI-generated content, including identity theft. The time to prioritise digital identity security is now, and OnePassport is leading the way to a safer digital future, safeguarding individuals and organisations from the widespread harm that deepfakes and identity theft can cause.

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