Future of identity verification with ConnectID

3 Oct 2023

What’s more fundamental than knowing who you are working with?

Before conducting a police check, verifying someone’s right to work, or assessing their qualifications for a specific job, the first step is always confirming their true identity. That means checking their ID.

Until recently, this process has been time-consuming, involving photocopies of driver’s licences and other forms of identification, often requiring certification and uploading. It’s been a multistep procedure that exposes both individuals and organisations to risks. Remember the recent hacking scandals where primary IDs stored by those companies were stolen?

A whole new world

However, there are now much safer and faster ways to confirm a person’s identity. These methods include biometric identification checks, where the system scans the person’s face and their ID to confirm if they match. Often, these checks are combined with biographic identification, where the ID is verified against the national document verification system to confirm the existence of a valid document with the given name and details.

By combining biometric and biographic checks, OnePassport can verify the identity of nearly anyone in the world.

A different method with the same outcome, but faster

For most people in Australia, verifying their identity is about to become incredibly easy and fast. The team behind BPay, EFTPOS, PayID, and OSKO is launching a new system, ConnectID®. Since it’s based on the existing banking systems that 80% of us already use, it will likely become the standard method for proving your identity in this country.

Essentially, because your bank has already verified your identity during your everyday transactions, they can now confirm your identity without the need for additional checks. So, whether you need to prove your identity to an employer, undergo a police check, or set up an account somewhere, your bank can share a digital token that certifies you are who you claim to be, all accomplished in just 30 seconds.

No more photocopying IDs. No more hassles of having photocopies certified at the police station or pharmacy.

The bank’s role in identity verification

Mainstream banks already verify us regularly as we conduct daily transactions – sending money to someone, making contactless payments with our phones, or withdrawing cash. They’re simply making this internal identification function available for other services.The biometric and biographic verification methods will still be available for those who do not bank with the major banks. Both methods will be available in the OnePassport system starting from late October 2023.

Welcome to this exciting new era.

 ®ConnectID is a registered trademark of ConnectID Pty Ltd ABN 80 648 970 101.