Simplify Right to Work checks with OnePassport and vSure

5 Sep 2023

Simplify workforce compliance with seamless visa and Right to Work checks

Let’s dive into a topic that can help you unravel the complexities of workforce compliance. If you’re tired of dealing with paperwork, confused by legal jargon, and seeking a simple way to handle visa and Right to Work checks, you’ve come to the right place. The OnePassport Management System, in collaboration with vSure, is here to make your life simpler with just a click.

Introducing OnePassport: your workforce compliance solution

Navigating the complex landscape of workforce compliance can be confusing. However, our solution is designed to alleviate these challenges. Introducing OnePassport, your reliable partner ready to assist in effectively addressing your workforce compliance concerns.

Picture this: you’re a business owner juggling clients, projects, and a never-ending to-do list. Managing visa and Right to Work checks alongside this busy schedule can be overwhelming. That’s where OnePassport comes in – your steadfast ally to help streamline the complexities of workforce compliance.

Powered by vSure: your new secret weapon

OnePassport has joined forces with vSure to transform the way you handle visa checks. We’ve made it super simple –  just a couple of clicks and you’re good to go.

If you’re already using the OnePassport Management System, great! You’ve already got exclusive access to vSure’s visa-checking expertise. It’s right there in your menu, making sure visa compliance is a breeze.

Not using OnePassport yet? 

Don’t miss out on the seamless visa and Right to Work checks that can make your workforce compliance process so much smoother.

Ready for a stress-free demo? It’s just a message away. Contact us, and we’ll walk you through how OnePassport can make your workforce compliance journey much more manageable.

vSure: your compliance partner

How does it work? vSure’s integration with the Department of Home Affairs’ VEVO system is like having an all-access pass to visa information. It performs visa checks by connecting directly to the source and securely stores the results in the cloud, creating a clear paper trail that helps you avoid penalties under the Employer Sanctions legislation.

Say goodbye to manual mayhem, embrace efficiency

We’ve all encountered the challenge of being buried under piles of paperwork. Fortunately, those days are now behind us. With the OnePassport Management System you can initiate Right to Work checks seamlessly, with the outcomes automatically integrating into your OnePassport account. No more repetitive tasks, no more manual headaches. It’s all about efficiency.

Embrace the future of workforce compliance

The powerful partnership of OnePassport and vSure is all about providing up-to-date visa and Right to Work services that cater to both organisations and individuals. Our goal? To make the compliance process smooth and effective.

vSure is the go-to expert, known for its swift and cost-effective solutions. Together, we’re here to reshape the world of workforce compliance, making it easier and more efficient.

In summary, the landscape of workforce compliance has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the collaboration between OnePassport and vSure. Whether you’re already on board or just curious, our mission is clear: simplify complexity, streamline processes, and bid farewell to compliance-related stress.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today and find out how OnePassport can be your ultimate compliance companion.