Community Home Australia is an organisation created to deliver care differently. Nicole Smith and Rodney Jilek have been involved in Aged and Disability Care for many years and have seen how current models of care do not meet resident and client needs. So they put their money where their mouth is and created a new, innovative and person centred service.

Kanberra House was opened in 2021 as an alternative for younger people living with Dementia and self funded residents. Unsure about how successful the service would be projected occupancy and revenue targets were modest.  Rodney and Nicole were overwhelmed by the success and the home quickly filled.

The opening of Kalina Club followed soon after operating an interactive Day Respite club where people with Dementia or Disability can hang out whilst their carers go about their business and have a well earned break. Physiotherapists and other allied health specialists also attend the centre and can provide support services while they are there.

While most disability and aged care services are struggling to attract and keep staff, Community Home Australia has a waiting list.

With a background in quality, safety and good governance, Rodney approached OnePassport just prior to the opening of Kanberra House to be the platform to manage all staff credentialing, management of qualifications and ongoing education and immunisation status.

The key business requirements for Community Home Australia were to automate and digitise as much of the onboarding and workforce compliance as possible. They wanted to be able to collect and monitor RAT test results from staff across multiple locations as well as receive alerts and notifications when key compliance items became due. Finally they needed the system to be scalable to move forward with them as the organsiation grows.

Sagar Pokarel manages the system for Community Home and in his words “I love how easy it was to implement and how simple it is to use”.

OnePassport is proud to support the work and growth of Community Home Australia.