Are our aged care homes shutting down?

23 Nov 2023

In the dynamic world of aged care in Australia, significant changes are currently unfolding. In the the past year numerous aged care homes, affecting approximately 350 beds, closed due to new Federal Government regulations requiring 24/7 availability of at least one registered nurse. While aimed at enhancing care quality, these regulations present their own challenges.

Impact on regional areas
The repercussions are more pronounced in regional areas where attracting and retaining qualified staff is a persistent challenge. Providers are grappling with the delicate balance of ensuring quality care while complying with regulations. The nationwide nursing shortage compounds the issue, leading to reliance on agency staff and posing long-term financial sustainability and workforce stability concerns.

Operators in limbo
Awaiting exemptions from the 24/7 nursing targets, many operators find themselves in a state of uncertainty, facing immense stress and financial risk in the aged care sector.

Impending workforce shortfall
Australia is on the cusp of a significant workforce shortfall. By 2033, the aged care sector is projected to face a deficit of 16,000 nurses and 25,000 allied health workers, potentially leading to a workforce crisis if swift action is not taken.

The compliance conundrum
Rapid workforce expansion often triggers compliance issues, ranging from incorrect qualifications to immunisation data discrepancies and invalid registrations. Unqualified workers assigned tasks, or incorrect procedures followed can result in injuries, fines, or fatalities highlighting the urgent need for a solution.

OnePassport’s innovative solution

Enter OnePassport, offering a patented immunisation management function to address these challenges – challenges not unique to the aged care sector. The software features user-friendly dashboards and a traffic light system to minimise errors. Integrations with Services Australia’s Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and AHPRA enhance workforce compliance, reducing risks.

Safeguarding compliance with technology

Traditional paper records and complex Excel spreadsheets are error-prone and challenging to manage. Our solution ensures accurate tracking and verification of qualifications and immunisation data, mitigating privacy concerns associated with data loss or manipulation.

Act now for a secure future

The challenges facing Australia’s aged care sector are substantial, and the need for effective solutions cannot be overstated. Our commitment to workforce compliance and its innovative solution provides hope in times of uncertainty. 

If your organisation is looking to reduce risk while saving time and money, our commitment to workforce compliance and innovative solutions is the answer. Contact OnePassport today for a demo and take the first step toward safeguarding your organisation’s compliance obligations. Together, we can contribute to ensuring the well-being of Australia’s aging population.