Your data protected with OnePassport

12 Jan 2023

We were fortunate that the recent high-profile cyber-attacks did not affect our customer base. But we cannot ignore the fact that numerous Australians, including those close to us, were and are still affected.

At OnePassport, we understand the importance of safeguarding our customers’ information. That’s why we are taking every measure to prevent cyber attacks and ensure the security of our systems. From robust encryption to ongoing security assessments, we are doing everything possible to keep your information safe.

We mentioned in our previous blog the various ways you can protect yourself and your organisation from possible data breaches. Here is a quick recap:

  1. Create strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts.
  2. Enable multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.
  3. Be cautious about what you share online, especially sensitive information.
  4. Only click on links in emails if you are certain of the sender.
  5. Keep your computer and smart devices up-to-date with the latest antivirus software.
  6. Do not disclose personal information over the phone unless you can confirm the identity of the caller.

There are various ways you can safeguard your privacy, and OnePassport is here to help. We have created a Workforce Compliance Risk Assessment to identify any vulnerabilities that we can assist you in addressing.