Workforce Compliance Management

Keep your organisation safe, secure and connected

Workforce compliance management is all about visibility – think dashboards, metrics, reports and alerts – and the ability to verify what you are looking at.

  • Shift the time and cost of data upload from you to your workers.
  • Upload multiple records at once, and generate reports in seconds.
  • Reduce your workforce compliance administration by 50%.

All workforce compliance information in one place

Typically, organisations hold all of their workforce compliance information in multiple areas. Such as Recruitment, HR, Learning & Development, Infection Prevention and Control. With each department having its own IT setup, it creates a piecemeal view of the data with no single place where a risk manager can see everything.

Workforce compliance is all about visibility

Older style, text-heavy databases do not meet the grade for workforce compliance management. When combining qualifications, registrations and licenses, background checks, right to work/ visa information, immunisations, skills and experience into one system it is all about visibility. OnePassport | Comply is powered by dashboards, with multiple metrics to show the big picture and reports to deep dive into all areas. Let alone alerts for any information with an expiry date so that neither the worker nor their manager misses anything.

Effective, robust governance

OnePassport is designed to save time and costs in workforce compliance management but most importantly, to lower risk. Helping organisations to easily maintain workforce compliance and avoid costly mistakes with alerts, notifications and reporting. Providing clear governance steps for verifying data. Identifying gaps and acting quickly to eliminate, reduce and control workforce risks.

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