Without carers, there is no care

12 Oct 2023

The power of carers

Without carers, there is no care. It’s a simple but profound truth that drives us at OnePassport. While not all carers work in aged care, our commitment to caring for the local community is unwavering. We take pride in our contributions, even though they may not be the largest. In this blog, we share our recent efforts and an inspiring story of resilience in our community.

A stroke of inspiration: Michael’s journey

When our CEO, Michael Maher, suffered a stroke last year, we found ourselves thrust into the world of stroke care. As a small business, we shouldered extra responsibilities to support Michael while he couldn’t work. Even upon his return, he faced speech difficulties, and other team members stepped in to work with our partners. This experience made us deeply empathetic to the challenges of stroke survivors.

Nicole’s resilience 

Nicole Christodoulou’s story is nothing short of inspirational. A young high school home economics teacher from Liverpool, Sydney, she had two strokes in a single night at the age of 21, leaving her entire left side paralysed. Nicole, however, is a fighter, and she refused to let this setback define her. Her journey to complete her degree in education took five years, and today, she’s been teaching for four years.

Pursuing a dream on the soccer field

From a young age, soccer has been Nicole’s passion. She never let her physical challenges deter her from pursuing her dream of representing her country. Last year, that dream became a reality when she was selected for the ParaMatilda’s squad for the World Cup. In a few weeks, Nicole is hopeful to once again proudly wear the green and gold in the Para Asian Cup.

A charitable kick: soccer tournament

This past Sunday, our CEO Michael organised a soccer tournament with the generous support of local organisations. Michael’s goal was to raise $10,000 to help Nicole continue her journey with the ParaMatildas (as the players receive no government funding). 

  • The Malvern City FC graciously donated their soccer ground and resources for a round-robin tournament. 
  • Eight teams from various local businesses and organisations participated, generously contributing registration fees totaling $3,000.
  • Ten members of Freemasons Victoria also played their part by manning the BBQ, raising an additional $1,200.

A community united: donations and support

  • Our GoFundMe page has garnered over $5,000 and counting, thanks to the continued support of our community. 
  • The Stroke Foundation joined us at the event, running two teams, Team Stroke and Team F.A.S.T, and providing valuable information about strokes.
  • OnePassport covered Nicole’s flight expenses from Sydney to Melbourne and granted her a Qantas Club lounge pass for a bit of VIP treatment. Our team also designed the event flyers, set up the GoFundMe page, and ran an effective social media campaign to raise awareness.

Playing our part 

While OnePassport was just one piece of this puzzle, we’re incredibly proud to have played a part. We’ve always been passionate about working for a small, local tech company specialising in the care sectors, and our involvement in this event aligns with our mission to make a difference. Supporting causes like Nicole’s journey is an extension of our “WHY” at OnePassport.