The hidden costs of Excel in workforce compliance management

18 Jul 2023

Discover the firsthand experience of Pawel Krawczynski, OnePassport’s General Manager of Marketing & Operations, as he unveils the hidden costs of relying on Excel spreadsheets for workforce compliance management. From the complexities and frustrations to the time-consuming tasks and limitations, Pawel shares his journey and how OnePassport’s specialised compliance management system revolutionised their approach, saving time, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. Read on to explore Pawel’s insights and unlock the true potential of workforce compliance management with OnePassport.


In the realm of workforce compliance management, Excel spreadsheets have long been a popular choice. However, my personal experience working at a large institution with over 15,000 employees taught me that Excel is not the right solution for this critical task. The complex spreadsheet we relied on turned into a nightmare, causing reporting problems, wasting valuable time and resources, and increasing stress. It was a revelation when I joined OnePassport, a smaller company that provided a specialised solution to our compliance woes. 

The complexity of Excel

At the institution, our compliance training data resided in a massive and intricate Excel spreadsheet. What seemed convenient at first soon became a labyrinth of formulas and instructions. A single error, as insignificant as a misplaced space or a misspelled word, had the power to bring the entire sheet crashing down. Our compliance efforts were constantly undermined by these avoidable mistakes, especially during audits.

Time-consuming reporting

Running reports in Excel became a grueling and time-consuming task. We spent hours meticulously following instructions to ensure every formula was correctly executed. Deviating even slightly meant starting the process all over again. Our departments, already stretched thin with their core responsibilities, were burdened with the additional task of running reports, hindering their productivity and causing frustration.

The complexities and limitations of Excel led to an overwhelming sense of stress and frustration among employees. We found ourselves constantly receiving calls for support regarding spreadsheet-related issues, diverting our attention from actual job responsibilities. The once vibrant and efficient workplace turned into a land of anxiety and despair during reporting time. 

The OnePassport solution

When I joined OnePassport, I was amazed that a smaller company like ours had found a solution to the problems we faced at the financial institution. A large company like the one I had worked for would require at least a month for onboarding, and OnePassport’s specialised system proved to be a game-changer for workforce compliance management.

I’ve witnessed first hand how OnePassport’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design breathed new life into compliance processes. Cumbersome Excel spreadsheets were replaced with a streamlined and efficient system. Navigating compliance data and generating reports became seamless and hassle-free.

Significant time and cost savings

The impact of OnePassport on organisations was profound. Department heads no longer had to spend hours running reports, managing complex formulas, and ensuring spreadsheet accuracy. The saved hours translated into significant cost savings for any company. We witnessed a remarkable reduction in administrative overhead, with some departments reporting over 50% savings in administrative time.

OnePassport liberated departments to focus on what truly mattered. Instead of being entangled in spreadsheet-related tasks, employees could devote their time and energy to delivering exceptional customer service and excelling in their core responsibilities. The morale and productivity of the workforce soared.

Workforce compliance management transformed 

Customer feedback revealed a valuable lesson: compliance is crucial, but it shouldn’t consume the entire day. Excel spreadsheets are prone to errors and inefficiencies, hindering productivity and wasting valuable time and resources. OnePassport provided the much-needed liberation from Excel’s grip, presenting a simpler, more effective, and time-saving solution.

My personal experience transitioning from the Excel nightmare to the freedom offered by OnePassport’s specialised compliance management system has been transformative. We discovered that relying solely on Excel for workforce compliance is a path paved with inefficiency, stress, and lost opportunities. With OnePassport, organisations experience significant time and cost savings while ensuring compliance with ease. If your organisation is grappling with the limitations of Excel, it’s time to embrace OnePassport and unlock the true potential of your workforce compliance management.

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