Tertiary Education Award Compliance

Simplify award management for both permanent and casual workers

The wide variety of factors that impact pay rates for workers makes the whole process highly complex. Leaving you exposed to the risk of incorrect payments to your workforce.

OnePassport simplifies this process by digitally collecting all of the information that decides their level and allocating them to their correct payment band. Each individual worker must confirm their band before their status is shared with the Payroll team.

Setting up and managing the bands is easy

OnePassport | Comply makes it easy for employers to design their employee band structure.

Literally, tick the box under the different areas including Qualifications and Experience to insert the parameters into each band. The system includes the ability to manually insert Industry Equivalency parameters as well.

Empower your workers to digitally share their information


The OnePassport | Profile app allows your workers to store and manage their own career information including qualifications, experience, visa/ right to work, vaccinations and micro-credentials. The system also connects to multiple third-party verification systems that allow independent verification of many items including qualifications, visas and background checks.

Each worker must confirm their employee band

After entering their own information, the OnePassport will compare the employee band structure entered by the employer with the information entered by the individual worker. The band number and description is displayed on the screen for the worker to clearly see their employee band.

The worker must confirm their employee band in order to continue.

OnePassport| Immunise

Easy governance step for manual verification when needed

Whilst most workers will be able to immediately confirm their employee band based on the information that they have entered, there is a manual governance step for those who require it.

If the worker does not agree with their assigned employee band, they can speak to their manager who can adjust the band in the OnePassport | Comply management system. Including providing notes for the reason for the change.

Similarly, if an unverifiable qualification or experience needs to be manually verified, this step can also happen in the same manner.

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Once the decision has been made about a worker’s employee band in OnePassport, that information can easily be shared with third-party workforce management systems including Payroll and Rostering.