Technology integrations

Leveraging the power of APIs for seamless integration 

OnePassport provides a niche functionality that’s designed to connect with other technology systems. Especially in the workforce management technology stack including human resources (HR), payroll, rostering, and time and attendance solutions. As well as an ever-growing list of independent third-party verification systems.

OnePassport’s clients use a variety of solutions spanning industry-specific systems to global enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. OnePassport can integrate with the following platforms:

SAP Success Factors

OnePassport’s live integration with SAP SuccessFactors enhances business workforce management and compliance. By leveraging the power of APIs, OnePassport is able to seamlessly integrate with SAP SuccessFactors, adding a bespoke workforce compliance function to your broader technology set-up.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The live integration of OnePassport with Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports an efficient and streamlined way to manage workforce compliance and credentialing. OnePassport’s digital risk management system seamlessly connects via an API with Dynamics 365, enabling users to manage employee credentials, licences, and certifications all from one platform.


OnePassport can now integrate with Workday to offer businesses a powerful solution for workforce management and compliance. Through seamless API integration, OnePassport’s bespoke compliance function can be integrated with your existing Workday infrastructure. This provides a streamlined solution to managing workforce compliance needs alongside the complete workforce management technology stack.


OnePassport is now able to integrate with Deputy, thereby adding a powerful, tailored workforce compliance function alongside Deputy’s rostering and payroll management. Through the use of an API, OnePassport’s digital risk management system seamlessly connects with Deputy, providing a streamlined workforce management solution.

Why OnePassport?

Save time

Stop receiving employee documents by email, downloading, naming and uploading to multiple systems.

Dedicated app for employees. Receive documents securely. Automate reminders to staff. Receive alerts for expired compliance items.

Save money

Great value for money. 50% less time spent managing staff and compliance data.

Reduce FTE required to complete administration tasks. Flexible payment and configuration options.

Save stress

Can’t see who is compliant and who isn’t? Having to rely on a particular person for urgent data? Manage access without privacy breaches.

Worried about transferring sensitive information by email? OnePassport has inbuilt secure data transfer.