Keeping our users safe

The OnePassport system provides confidentiality and security for your workforce compliance data

OnePassport protects your data and lowers your risk

State-of-the-art data centres

OnePassport only uses highly secure, Australian-based data centres to securely store your data.

Third-party verification

OnePassport uses multiple world-class verification services to verify information using biometric and biographic checks.

Privacy Act

OnePassport complies with the various privacy acts for the jurisdictions it operates in.

Secure Access

OnePassport provides secure access control to all systems.

Encryption at rest

Data stored within OnePassport is encrypted at rest.

Encryption in transit

OnePassport securely encrypts all data in transit.

OnePassport’s data privacy and governance structure

OnePassport operates in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act set by the government and has a clear Privacy Policy in place to protect client and user data. The company is committed to maintaining the privacy of client and user data in its software and server infrastructure.

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