OnePassport helping NDIS with worforce compliance

24 Feb 2023

Managing the qualifications, certifications, and registrations of a mobile workforce can be a daunting task. This is even more difficult when it comes to compliance with regulatory requirements and standards. For NDIS providers, the stakes are even higher. Any lapse in compliance can put vulnerable people at risk. But what if there was a way to automate Workforce Compliance Management and ensure that all staff members and contractors are up-to-date with their qualifications and certifications? 

Enter OnePassport, a digital platform designed to simplify compliance management and make life easier for NDIS providers. OnePassport is a leading provider of workforce compliance solutions for various industries, including hospitals, aged care homes, security, and education. We are proud to announce that we have expanded our services to also assist NDIS providers with their compliance needs.

OnePassport is a digital platform that automates compliance management processes for large and diverse workforces. It simplifies compliance management by providing a centralized and secure repository of employee compliance data that can be accessed in real-time. 

For NDIS providers, OnePassport can help manage qualifications, certifications, registrations, and right to work checks of their mobile workforce, reducing the risk of expired licenses and certifications. The platform also automates compliance-related tasks, freeing up staff time to focus on delivering high-quality care and support. OnePassport is highly configurable and compliant with data privacy regulations, ensuring that NDIS providers can customize the platform to meet their specific needs and requirements.

To determine your workforce risk score, we suggest completing our exclusive Workforce Compliance Risk Assessment. It only takes a few minutes and will assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. As well as any areas that need to be addressed.