Embracing the future education:
the power of micro-credentials

OnePassport underpins flexible training provided by education providers, industry bodies and others

The future of education

The world is rapidly changing and with it, the way we educate ourselves is also evolving. Today’s learners prefer to have access to educational content from multiple sources and in smaller, manageable chunks due to time constraints. Furthermore, both employers and learners want to minimise the disruption to work and life, hence the need for flexible, self-paced learning opportunities.

To meet these demands, the concept of micro-credentials has emerged. Micro-credentials are short, bite-sized learning modules that can be verified and frequently stacked into full subjects and qualifications. They provide learners with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and in a way that aligns with their specific needs and goals. They also provide employers with a way to ensure that their employees have the skills and knowledge they need to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Three types of micro-credentials

A micro-credential may form part of a formal qualification, or it may be a standalone credential for a specific industry. The key is the flexibility it provides the learner.


Pathway credentials

Formal qualification levels are a way to standardise and measure a person’s proficiency in a specific subject or field. These levels provide a clear understanding of a person’s level of achievement for both students and employers. Completing a program or course that is aligned with a formal qualification level may result in an opportunity to pursue a formal qualification, such as a degree or certification.


Stackable credentials

Successfully finishing a program or course can earn credit towards a formal qualification. These credits can be applied towards the completion of a degree, certification, or other recognised formal qualification. Hence the term, stackable.


Industry-recognised credentials

A program or course recognised by an industry association or accrediting body as meeting continuing professional development (CPD) requirements is one that’s deemed to have met the necessary standards for professionals to maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge in their field.

OnePassport Micro-credential passport

The OnePassport micro-credential passport is a digital wallet that allows learners to securely and easily store and share their micro-credential course completions from multiple providers in one place. The passport not only houses the learner’s education information but also other common workforce compliance items such as background checks, proof of right to work, and industry registration. This makes it easy for learners to share their qualifications and compliance information with potential employers, and for employers to easily verify the qualifications and compliance of workers and potential hires.

OnePassport is currently working with multiple education providers, industry bodies, and education marketplaces to provide a one-stop solution for managing micro-credentials.

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