The power of mobile, independently badged (verified) credentials

Flexible education options requires trust. Trust requires independent verification.

Independent badging

Independent, third-party verification is essential for a flexible education system that sources from multiple providers. It provides a chain of evidence that a learner has successfully completed a subject, which is important for employers and other stakeholders to understand and trust the qualifications of the learner.

For independent verification to work, education providers need to share the results of the learners and the proof of their completion with an independent badging provider. The badging provider can then collect the evidence from multiple providers and display the verified proof of subject completion in a consistent and transparent way. This allows employers and other stakeholders to easily understand and trust the qualifications of the learners, regardless of where they were obtained.

OnePassport Badging

OnePassport is currently working with multiple education providers, industry bodies, and education marketplaces to provide a flexible and independent badging system.

Watch this space for updates.

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