Do your need to see verified RAT test results from your workers?

Verify the who and when with the OnePassport RAT check

The rise of the R.A.T. test

Covid was the catalyst for RAT tests to really enter the public domain and for their rapid adoption as a fast and low-cost method for a variety of antigen tests.

OnePassport R.A.T. Recorder

Typically, RAT tests expire within 20 minutes and are include saliva or urine. So they are not practical for a person needing a RAT test result to carry with them. So that’s where the OnePassport RAT Recorder comes in handy.

No matter the type of RAT test, the person puts it on a flat surface and places a piece of identification next to it. Such as a drivers license. They open the OnePassport Profile App and take a picture with the RAT Recorder.

The RAT Recorder embeds a time and date watermark across the photo. The photo can be easily shared via the OnePassport or SMS. Combined with the proof of identification, the person can now easily carry and share the results of their verified RAT test.

Want to know more about how the RAT Recorder can simplify your business?

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