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Ensuring compliance: mandatory NDIS Worker Screening Checks are now in place nationally

NDIS Worker Screening

The NDIS Worker Screening is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of NDIS clients, in compliance with regulatory requirements. Unlike a standard National Police Check, which only provides a snapshot of an individual’s past, the NDIS Worker Screening is a daily check of all registered NDIS workers across every Australian state and territory’s police system. This makes it the most up-to-date police check currently available.

NDIS participant sorting children’s books in a library. He is wearing a black shirt with a logo and a name tag.

OnePassport and NDIS Worker Screening

OnePassport is in discussions with NDIS Worker Screening to provide an API link that will allow the authorised sharing of the NDIS Worker Screening result to the OnePassport. Saving time and reducing risk for both NDIS providers and workers.

The NDIS Worker Screening technology does not currently support this integration however they are keen to find a solution.

Want to know more about how a real-time connection to NDIS Worker Screening can simplify your business?

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