High levels of stress in community health workers and the solution

8 Mar 2023

With the constant threat of COVID and the approaching flu season, the already strained healthcare system and its people are facing a detrimental effect. Our health and care workers are working tirelessly to keep our communities safe and healthy. But they are facing unprecedented levels of stress and burnout. Even though they are being compensated, they are no longer able to deal with this kind of stress, and are transitioning to other sectors.

This issue is not only affecting the workers, but it is also causing problems for management. They are finding it challenging to retain high-level and high-skilled staff, and even with various initiatives, they are struggling to deal with the burnout.

To add to their woes, the health workers have to deal with the compliance paperwork they must complete. This is the last thing they want to do as they are already overworked and stressed.

But there is a solution! Our company, OnePassport, offers a comprehensive platform that can help organisations save up to 50% off admin times. Our immunisation module integrates with the Australian Immunisation Register, saving critical FTE hours.

This solution will not only allow staff to breathe and relax, but also help organisations have the confidence to retain staff by allowing them to focus on the critical aspects of their jobs and let admin automate itself.

We understand the importance of supporting our healthcare workers during these challenging times, and we are committed to providing the best solution to ease their burden.

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