Energy & utilities workforce compliance management

Save time and cost – and lower risk – by automating common workforce compliance management tasks

Finally, smarter workforce compliance solutions that allow you to focus on your team, not on administration 

Maximise efficiency by digitising and automating routine workforce compliance management tasks. Manage employees and contractors in one system. Keep all compliance information in one place.

Centralised workforce compliance management

All workforce types – employees, contractors and third-party teams all in one system

Verify directly via 3rd party sources

Biometric identification, background checks, VEVO, My eQuals

Speed up onboarding

Start people fast without compromising the safety of clients – reduce from 6 weeks to 1 week

Reduce duplication

Connect with existing people management systems for streamlined workflows and processes

Onboarding a person, a team or the entire organisation has never been faster

Time is limited and so are admin resources – so speed to effectiveness is vital whether onboarding people into new software or setting up new hires.



Set workflows that collect all necessary workforce compliance information from new recruits before they can go on the roster. Save time and costs by having the recruit upload the data into their OnePassport app and digitally share it with your organisation.


CV Builder

Remove confusion and support ideal candidates who may lack computer skills by requiring CVs to be in the OnePassport CV Builder format. It’s free to individuals and easy to complete, while also saving you time in reviewing due to the consistent CV format.


Remove Duplication

By allowing a system for sharing verified information, you lower duplication – both time and costs. OnePassport facilitates the secure and (Privacy Act) breach-free method of sharing information including police checks, vaccinations, qualifications and visa information. 

OnePassport metrics dashboard showing assorted bar charts highlighting employee data

Workforce compliance is all about access to real-time data

At-a-glance compliance dashboards and metrics to always know where your compliance risks lie.

OnePassport | Comply is powered by dashboards; with multiple metrics to show the big picture, and reports to deep dive into all areas. Alerts for expiring data mean that neither the worker nor their manager misses important deadlines.

Empower your workers to store, verify and share their important information

The OnePassport | Profile app is an encrypted, state-of-the-art solution designed for individuals who frequently need to store and manage their work-related information; have the ability to independently verify items as needed; and be able to share that “one passport” with their employers, industry bodies and regulatory bodies.

The OnePassport Profile app is a free download from both iOS and Android app stores.

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OnePassport Profile app login page and profile page shown on an iPhone

The benefits of digitising and automating workforce compliance management



Having OnePassport manage your workforce compliance lowers your risk. Immediately. The system strengthens governance around compliance items, helping you to avoid breaches – such as the Privacy Act. It provides you with a previously unseen level of visibility to your workers – both internally and externally. And all in real time. No delays by a new item being stuck in someone’s inbox.



OnePassport provides a LOT of data – a 50% reduction in workforce compliance administration. Not only in day-to-day management but also recruitment. The time to effectiveness of new hires is reduced dramatically. The reporting function is not only fast – one click reporting – but all managers can run reports on their people. No more waiting for the HR Dept to tell you whose police checks are about to expire.



OnePassport reduces duplication which saves costs for both the provider and the worker in areas such as background checks. Because workers are sharing data from the OnePassport app directly with their employers – rather than handing in paper or sending emails – it shifts the data entry cost which also provides genuine FTE savings.