Child Care

Child Care

The reality for Childcare is tight regulation, tight budgets and archaic or non existent IT systems.

Workforce is both your greatest strength and your biggest risk.

Failures in compliance can be devastating and leave lasting impacts.

You can provide high quality and safe childcare with OnePassport.

All your workforce compliance data in one place, real time.

No more nasty surprises.


Assess your level of risk


With our in depth questionnaire you'll receive your own report.

The OnePassport Workforce Risk Scorecard benchmarks your level of risk of compliance failure or regulatory breach.  Answer 25 questions in 5 minutes and receive your free report no strings attached.

Dashboard Metrics 

Dashboards, registers and reports make it easy to monitor your workforce compliance risks at a glance
See everything you need to know at the click of a button

Collect Data safely and securely


Data transfer is a breeze with your employees able to send information directly to your system via an encrypted App

Slash your data management time

Cut costs by automating and digitising current manual processes


Create a seamless user experience by integrating OnePassport with your existing HR, Payroll and Learning Management Systems