Central Hospital’s journey with OnePassport

2 Aug 2023


Central Hospital*, a leading healthcare provider in Australia, has always prioritised enhancing operational efficiency while maintaining a strong focus on patient care. In their pursuit of excellence they discovered OnePassport which modernised their administrative processes. Join us as we delve into the customer story of Central Hospital and explore how OnePassport transformed their operations, saving them valuable time, and generating substantial cost savings.

While based on a healthcare solution provider, the key insights and lessons derived from this case study hold substantial relevance for businesses across many sectors, including NDIS and other regulated industries. By exploring how these strategies can be adapted and applied to other sectors, organisations can unlock new avenues for success and enhanced performance. 

Streamlining data entry and reporting

Like many healthcare organisations, Central Hospital faced the challenge of manually entering and managing vast amounts of data, resulting in valuable time being wasted on administrative tasks. With the introduction of OnePassport, this arduous process was effortlessly streamlined. Data entry for vaccinations given to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) was reduced to just 5 hours annually, leading to substantial cost savings of $4,480. Moreover, routine report creation for the CEO, VICNISS, and My Aged Care now takes a mere hour per month, saving Central Hospital $4,200 annually. OnePassport’s efficient reporting capabilities transformed the hospital’s administrative landscape, empowering staff to focus more on patient care.

Efficient onboarding of new staff

Central Hospital’s commitment to providing the best care involved frequently onboarding new staff members. However, the administrative process of collecting and managing information was time-consuming. With OnePassport, Central Hospital witnessed a remarkable change. Onboarding new staff now took only 1.2 hours per month, significantly reducing the workload and cost. Central Hospital experienced annual cost savings of $23,184, allowing them to redirect resources to areas that directly impacted patient care.

Keeping the database current

Maintaining an up-to-date database is crucial for efficient healthcare operations. However, dedicating extensive hours each month to this task resulted in additional costs. OnePassport’s intuitive interface and streamlined processes reduced the time spent on keeping the database current from 10 hours to 4 hours per month, resulting in annual savings of $1,800. This provided Central Hospital with the freedom to allocate resources to other critical areas within the organisation.

Cost benefits and beyond

In total, Central Hospital saw a remarkable cost benefit by implementing OnePassport. Their annual expenditure on various administrative tasks reduced from $55,160 to $15,091, leading to an astounding cost saving of $40,069. Beyond financial gains, OnePassport empowered Central Hospital’s administrative staff by eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on what truly mattered – providing exceptional care to their patients.


Central Hospital’s journey with OnePassport exemplifies the transformative power of streamlined administrative processes. By reducing time spent on data entry, onboarding new staff, and keeping the database current, Central Hospital not only achieved substantial cost savings but also unlocked newfound efficiency. OnePassport enabled Central Hospital’s staff to redirect their time and expertise towards delivering compassionate care to patients, while ensuring compliance with reporting requirements effortlessly.

If you are seeking to optimise your operations, enhance efficiency, and drive cost savings, join Central Hospital and experience the transformative power of OnePassport. Streamline your administrative tasks, unlock valuable time, and focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional service.

Confidentiality Statement: The above case study is based on a real client of OnePassport, an innovative healthcare solution provider, and the client has requested to remain anonymous. To protect their privacy and uphold ethical standards, the client is referred to as ‘Central Hospital’ throughout this story. While the details and outcomes described are genuine, any resemblance to actual organisations or individuals is purely coincidental. We respect the trust placed in us by our clients and prioritise their confidentiality above all else.