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How it works

OnePassport is where you store information about yourself. The kind of information you would normally share in a CV or your personnel record at an employer.

It’s a private record just for you. No one can “search” for you or look up any of your information.

You can use OnePassport to receive verified personal information about yourself as you go through life.

Such as background checks direct from the provider; copies of qualifications direct from the education institution; as well as employment history direct from an employer’s HR system.

You have the power to share this information with organisations that you join.

They might be an employer, or they might be a membership body like an alumni association or Rotary.

You can share big items (such as a new qualification) or it might be small (I changed my email or phone number).

It does not matter. You update your details in your OnePassport and the organisations that you have connected with can receive the update automatically.

Your OnePassport has a unique QR Code that belongs to you. You need to show your QR Code on your smartphone in order to connect to an organisation.

An organisation’s OnePassport has a QR Code reader. They need to read your QR Code on your smartphone’s screen. You cannot accidentally connect to an organisation.

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