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OnePassport | Immunise

OnePassport | Profile App

Store, verify and share all your important information with your connected organisation. Let your people share the workload. For more information click the link.

OnePassport API

Connect your people to your organisation through a highly secure portal enabling them to send information directly to your OnePassport system.

Open API to connect systems streamlining of workflows to minimise duplication or triplication of data entry.

Customisable Dashboard

Your favourite functions at your fingertips via ‘Quick Links’.

Data Field Management

Customize data fields to reflect the language of your sector.

Graphics and Metrics

Graphical representation of key metrics across your organisation.

Powerful and simple reporting

Drop down reporting fields to make your reports relevant & easy to run.

Immunisation Register

Store and report staff immunisation compliance. Alerts and notifications to remind you and your people about upcoming actions required.

Immunisation Register AIR Integration

Connects to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) to enable direct upload of vaccination data.

Immunisation Register Reporting

Powerful yet simple reporting and data to provide quick and accurate information to boards and regulators on compliance metrics.


Adjustable permission levels to enable reporting where it’s needed without compromising privacy and security.

Pathology & Other Test Result Storage

Store your COVID test results, Mask Fit Testing, Hepatitis B Serology, MMR Serology etc.

Immunisation Register Dashboard

A simple Traffic Light system giving you clear visualisation of your compliance requirements across your departments or organisation.

Most Popular

OnePassport | Comply

Registrations, Licences, Permits & Insurances

Never lose important Registrations, Licenses & Permits by storing & retrieving them in our secure system.

Alert systems to ensure your data remains current & valid keeping you & your organisation compliant.

Background Checks

Connect to verified personal background checking services to receive verified checks directly (Police checks etc).

Lower costs and minimise risk of non compliance.

Visa and Right to Work information

Avoid legal issues by ensuring that your organisation meets all “Right To Work” regulations.


Store & verify relevant qualifications for your people to enable simple assessment of further upskilling requirements.

OnePassport | PD

Maintenance Of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Store, remind & monitor your professional development evidence.

Identify gaps quickly and easily with traffic light dashboard results.

Performance Management

Add  annual reviews, file notes and other important performance documentation.


Set reminders to ensure probationary or annual reviews do not slip by unnoticed.

OnePassport | Enterprise

Integration between platforms

Tech stack review and scoping for integration between Payroll, HRIS and LMS systems to streamline workflows and reduce duplication of data entry

Tailored Forms

Collect specific data from employees on registration

Additional Reporting

Build reports to your specific requirements and link to organisation reporting dashboards

Large Scale Implementation

Large companies with multiple national and international branches and over 5000 employees

System Creation

System configuration to meet specific requirements and outcomes.

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