Meet the Team

OnePassport is supported by a committed team.

With their extensive industry experience, and commitment to customer service, they are the people that make our product experience substantially different from the others on the market.

Michael Maher


Michael is an entrepreneur who focuses on the intersection of technology and the workforce. He has worked in this space in Australia, Japan & Europe; studied leadership & strategy in the army; is the author of Care Factor: Why building teams is the No 1 priority in Aged Care; is a Japanese linguist, and uses his connections and IP to support startups.

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GENERAL MANAGER - Marketing & Operations

Pawel is an energetic, motivating and professional Corporate Trainer, Mentor, Coaching Professional & Senior Sales Professional with more than 15 years proven experience in varied Coaching, Advising, Compliance, Governance and Training roles across a wide industry base. Capable of motivating and developing teams, strong appreciation for multi-level training, with instructive capacity to implement learning and training pathways to achieve corporate objectives.

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Amanda Edwards

GENERAL MANAGER - customer success/ Head of health & ageing pod

Before OnePassport, Amanda’s roles have included Consultancy and Project Management, CEO and Executive Roles at Health and Aged Care Services. Working at all levels within organisations give her a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing HR departments, Executives and Managers of organisations–particularly those facing increasing scrutiny and regulatory compliance and a growing competitive employee market.

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Anjana Wijesundara


Anjana is a seasoned software solutionist with over decade of experience in analysing and implementing state-of-the-art applications and Infrastructure solutions. He started his career as a Software Engineer and moved on to Consulting SAP and Salesforce solutions.

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