Leadership Team

 Foundation for Workforce Innovation

The OnePassport Leadership Team draws its strength from the wide variety of skills and experience of the people in it. Team members have lived and worked in multiple countries, worked in industries from Health and Ageing to the Military and Security, and bring all of that knowledge to bear at OnePassport.

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Michael Maher

Co-Founder & CEO
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Pawel Krawczynski

General Manager
Marketing & Operations
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Anjana Wijesundara

General Manager
Information Technology
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Amanda Edwards

General Manager — Customer Success
Head of Health & Ageing Pod
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Anna Maher

Digital Marketing Manager
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Victoria Joy Saplan-Catchapero

Product Owner — Core Platforms
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Guardian of Cyberpaw Security

Why OnePassport?

Save time

Stop receiving employee documents by email, downloading, naming and uploading to multiple systems.

Dedicated App for employees. Receive documents securely. Automate reminders to staff. Receive alerts for expired compliance items.

Save money

Great value for money. 50% less time spent managing staff and compliance data.

Reduce FTE required to complete administration tasks. Flexible payment and configuration options.

Save stress

Can’t see who is compliant and who isn’t? Having to rely on a particular person for urgent data?

Manage access without privacy breaches. Worried about transferring sensitive information by email? Inbuilt secure, data transfer.