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Frequently Asked Questions about OnePassport

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Tell me about OnePassport

What is OnePassport?

OnePassport is an Australian owned and operated regulatory technology platform managing staff credentialing and compliance. It is a digital system that allows an individual to share information with multiple organisations at the same time. Individuals can save information and evidence in the OnePassport | Profile App such as; qualifications, employment history, background checks and immunisations.

Organisations also use the OnePassport | Comply system to receive and manage the information shared with them by individuals using the app.

How does OnePassport keep your data secure?

OnePassport is a fully encrypted data storage system ensuring that your data is kept safe and secure. Click here for more security information.

Why should I use OnePassport?

You are required and expected to know that your people are appropriately skilled, qualified and accredited to perform their roles and meet regulatory standards. OnePassport is an effective risk management strategy helping you identify and resolve gaps in workforce compliance that can be costly and damaging. If your industry requires you to keep sensitive information about your workforce readily available OnePassport is the solution you've been looking for.

What industries can OnePassport help?

Although OnePassport began in Health and Aged Care we have now expanded to support Mining, Construction, Education, Security, Transport and Childcare.  If your industry is impacted by regulatory change or requires workforce Compliance or Risk Management, OnePassport can help.

Data Security and Privacy

How safe is our data?

OnePassport is a fully encrypted data storage system ensuring that your data is kept safe and secure. Your data stored in OnePassport is encrypted during transfer from your computer and whilst stored within the platform. Click here for more security information.

Where do you store our information?

All data is encrypted and stored securely on servers held within Australia. Click here for more security information.

Can staff see their employee record?

The information stored in the employee record is only visible and accessible to authorised users with appropriate permissions determined by you. Staff can share information to your organisation but cannot directly access the system.

Where does staff information go when I delete their profile?

Records are archived in the system and can be retrieved if needed.  Archived records are not included in your worker numbers and do not affect your pricing.

How does OnePassport project staff privacy and prevent breaches?

Until now staff have sent sensitive information to the HR department via email.  Email is a weak form of security and privacy can easily be breached through error or hacking.  Additionally when the information is downloaded on to the recipient's computer to be named and stored privacy is again breached unless the computer is scrubbed.  OnePassport eliminates this issue by allowing staff to share information via the encrypted pathway between their App and your system.

Who owns the data?

As a OnePassport customer, you own your data. We have designed our platform with stringent security measures to safeguard your information. As a result any changes you make to your data are on your terms.

Setting up and using OnePassport

What information can be stored, viewed and reported in OnePassport?

Collect, track, store and report on the following common compliance items:

  • Employment History
  • Qualifications
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Registrations, licences and permits
  • Visa and right to work information
  • Immunisation records including COVID vaccination and test results
  • Background checks including police, working with children checks, blue card, yellow card etc

Additional items can be added to the system to tailor it to your organisation needs.  Examples include fleet management, equipment logging and other information specific to your industry needs.

How does OnePassport reduce data entry duplication?

One of the most frustrating things about software systems is that they don't talk to each other and you have to manually enter the same information into Payroll, Rostering and other systems administering staff records. OnePassport removes this time sapping process by connecting systems and sharing data across your systems ensuring that you minimise manual data entry. We are experts in automating and digitising time intensive processes.

How much does it cost?

How much does OnePassport cost?

Pricing aligns with the products you choose, the size and complexity of your requirements.  Click here for pricing guidelines.  Talk to us about your needs for a definitive quote.

Technical Support

I need technical support, who do I talk to?

OnePassport has a comprehensive suite of step by step instructions and videos to help you troubleshoot most issues.  Each client is allocated a customer liaison officer who they can contact or simply email [email protected]

The OnePassport | Profile App is easily accessible on your mobile device.

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