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Partner with OnePassport

OnePassport believes in partnerships and not reinventing the wheel where possible. Therefore the company actively seeks out partners in a wide range of fields. From complementary technology providers to industry specific project partners.

Examples of partnerships

1. In early 2016 OnePassport formed a partnership with global e-learning marketplace provider Qintil.

2. In late 2016, OnePassport formed a partnership with publicly listed identification, verification and credentialing company CV Check (ASX: CV1).

3. In early 2017, OnePassport partnered with the Foundation for Workforce Innovation to provide a national registration and national accreditation system for aged care workers for the Australian government.

Technology Partnerships

OnePassport is working with other software providers to build an ecosystem of IT platforms that can easily share data. As OnePassport is a workforce compliance management system, the majority of other platforms are in related areas including payroll, time and attendance, rostering, HRIS, and mandatory training.

OnePassport believes that platforms that can easily connect to form ‘fit to purpose’ IT networks are the key to providing a quality service to our customers.

OnePassport provides a standard API format for platforms so that they only need to build and maintain one external connection.

Education Partnerships

As a compliance management system, an individual’s education history is a key aspect of their record. If an individual can show evidence of a verified education history it helps them to gain both employment and career progression.

Therefore OnePassport actively builds partnerships with a wide variety of education providers so together they can support their students to easily access verified education records.

Channel Partnerships

OnePassport is a technology provider. Therefore we rely upon channel partnerships for much of the support provided to our customers. Including:

Initial identification of organisations
Onboarding and staff training
Ongoing service and support

Some channel partners essentially “own” the relationship and provide all three critical roles, whereas others provide only one or two of them.

Get Started

If you are interested in a partnership with OnePassport, please fill in the form below. Depending upon your field, one of the OnePassport managers will be in contact.