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Immunity Passport - The New Reality

Store, manage and monitor immunisations
for individuals and organisations.
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Automate Your
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information on your workforce.
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Connecting International Students With
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Digital Contact Tracing
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OnePassport | Connect
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Suit Your Organisation’s Needs
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Manage Company & People Data

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Automate your
work compliance

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information on your compliance requirements
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Partner with OnePassport

At OnePassport we actively seek quality partnerships with other organisations who have great products that will solve problems for our clients rather than trying to be all things to all people and doing none of it well. This ability to work together creates tailored solutions for our clients that truly addresses their issues.

Project Partnerships

1. OnePassport formed a partnership with global e-learning marketplace provider Qintil to provide access to quality online education.

2. We worked with publicly listed identification, verification and credentialing company CV Check (ASX: CV1) to enable clients to order verified checks directly from, and to, their OnePassport system.

3. During the COVID pandemic OnePassport has been busy working on a number of very important partnerships to support people affected by the crisis. These include:

  • Community Services Job Match - Working with the Community Services Industry Association and the Queensland Government we repurposed OnePassport | Comply to create JobMatch. Approved employers and candidates looking for work register. Candidates build a profile which employers can then ‘search’ for certain criteria. This was designed to address the problem of an oversupply of workers when programs were suddenly cancelled and an undersupply in other areas where new services were required. It is envisaged that post COVID this system will help organisations work together to employ skilled staff across a fragmented sector. Hundreds of candidates and 60 community service providers have registered to date with jobs and student placements achieved.
  • Study Support Australia
  • Register of Tradeswomen UK
Technology Partnerships

OnePassport works with other software providers to build an ecosystem of IT platforms that can easily share data to meet the needs of an organisation. Links to Payroll, Rostering, Human Resource and Learning Management Systems reduce duplication and frustration associated with this.

OnePassport provides a standard API format for platforms so that they only need to build and maintain one external connection.

Education Partnerships

OnePassport | Profile enables people to carry their information from education through to employment.

OnePassport actively builds partnerships with a wide variety of education providers to support students to easily move along their career taking their verified information with them.

Channel Partnerships

OnePassport is a technology provider. Therefore we rely upon channel partnerships for much of the support provided to our customers. Including:

Initial identification of organisations
Onboarding and staff training
Ongoing service and support

Some channel partners essentially “own” the relationship and provide all three critical roles, whereas others provide only one or two of them.

Partner With Us

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