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Executive Summary

OnePassport is a patent-pending, cloud-based system for managing compliance and skills records that allows workers in highly regulated industries to manage their own information so that their employers don’t need to.

Profile allows individuals to collect and store their own employment, qualifications, skills and compliance information. It allows them to have this information independently verified, and share it with a variety of relevant organisations.

Comply is a powerful set of tools that helps employers to save time and money, and reduce risk, in workforce compliance management.

HR provides a simple suite of HR capabilities to extend OnePassport | Comply.

OnePassport was originally designed for the aged care sector but has since grown into other regulated industries including disability, healthcare and employment services with new sectors approaching OnePassport regularly. The platform allows organisations to rapidly digitise their employment or membership records, before adding in the compliance and/or HR functionality depending upon their needs.

Supporting employers and membership organisations in transitioning to person-centred approaches to workforce management.

Market & Opportunity

Our focus is on five target industries – aged care & disability, healthcare, employment services, education and child care in five global markets – Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada.

The Australian aged care and disability sectors employ 500,000 workers and is facing a substantial increase in workforce regulations from the Aged Care Royal Commission. The government estimates that this workforce will need to double in the next 20 years. This sector employs substantially more workers in North America and the UK and those markets look to Australia as a leader for its regulatory framework and adoption of technology.

The other sectors are following similar patterns.

Problem & Solution

With the increased mobility of the workforce and the substantial growth in workforce regulation, there is an increased burden of workforce compliance management in most employment markets. As more workforces turn towards the gig economy, many new industries are facing similar burdens.

OnePassport enables employers and membership bodies to become person-centred organisations. Person-centred organisations connect into their employee’s or members’ worlds rather than making them connect into the organisation. This helps the organisation attract, engage and retain the best workers possible, while reducing the burden of compliance, saving time and money in the process.

Competitive Advantage

The workforce management software platforms currently in the market target organisations with stable workforces and large HR budgets. They do not have the ability to service highly fragmented industries such as the ones that OnePassport targets. Further, compliance is an emerging need and has not historically been a focus for these platforms.

OnePassport’s patent-pending, person-centred approach changes the paradigm for workforce management from being organisation centric to being employee-centric. It is designed from the ground up for highly fragmented industries with a large mobile shift-based workforce where employees often work for multi employers concurrently. Its unique approach scales down and up efficiently, enabling unit economics that can work as well for a five-person doctors surgery as they do for a 35,000 worker membership body.

Investment Offering

Periodically, OnePassport goes to the market to raise capital by offering Ordinary Shares in the company.
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