Managing short term workers across multiple employers

Labour Hire
Connecting the employers and the talent to the benefit of both

The Labour Hire sector needs to be able to collect and digest large volumes of information about people and opportunities. Not spending too much time on any one opportunity unless they can genuinely help in the transaction.

OnePassport is the key to collecting and digesting that information quickly enough.

Central Repository

For an individual, OnePassport is a centralised Personal Data Repository (PDR). They can store all of their information in OnePassport as they progress through their career including qualifications and employment history, background checks, languages and skills. With the ability to import verified information from authorised verification providers.

Thus making it very easy for a recruiter to see the big picture of each candidate quickly and with little fuss. No more paper based CVs.

Information Sharing

If a candidate is using OnePassport, and some industries don’t interview unless its a OnePassport CV for these reasons, the recruiter can easily import the entire record into their system. No manual entering of data.

The second sharing function allows a recruiter to easily share a candidate’s details with a potential employer.

Real Time Reporting

OnePassport’s connection system allows it to connect to multiple industry registration and accreditation systems. Thus meaning that your records are always up to date on a candidate’s professional registration status.

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