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Modernising the credentialing and scope of practice systems

The average healthcare professional works for multiple employers at any given time. They frequently have a room in an office or surgery; attend one or more hospitals on a regular basis; as well as potentially provide support to other organisations including aged care homes.

And each of these organisations is required to maintain a current credential and scope of practice for each healthcare professional who comes onsite.

The challenge is the current system is outdated and time intensive.

The Current System

The current system places the burden almost entirely onto the organisations and not the particular individual healthcare professional. Each organisation has to maintain both the credential (the proof of medical degree, national registration and license, and insurance) and the scope of practice (verified experience in various roles and situations that form the basis of allowing the person to provide certain types of healthcare).

Many of these records are still paper based and the few platforms on the market are not user friendly. Not infrequently the few people originally trained in using the platform have left the organisation, leaving them in the state of not being able to update any of the processes.


OnePassport provides a new system for managing the credential and scope of practice for healthcare professionals.


First, the ownership of the credential is given to the healthcare professional (and their staff) to maintain. They are in the best position to know and have evidence of their qualifications, registrations and insurance.

Second, OnePassport provides the healthcare professional the ability to easily import verified information into their credential through a cutting edge information sharing system. Including qualifications, registrations and insurance.

Third, OnePassport provides the mechanism for the healthcare professional to share their credential in real time with each organisation they associate with. So once the credential is setup, it automatically continues to share. Thus cutting down on administration time and costs for all parties.

Scope of Practice

First, OnePassport’s system allows the sharing of the scope of practice information between the healthcare professional and each of their employers in real time. So if the scope is updated by one employer, that verified information flows into the record held by each employer about that healthcare professional.

Second, there are two versions of the scope of practice. One is the healthcare professional’s scope and the other is the organisation’s scope. Therefore in instances where a healthcare professional is qualified to conduct certain services, but the employer is not allowed, the system will automatically identify the difference and alert the stakeholders. This is especially designed for surgeons who are qualified to perform certain surgeries in a metro hospital but not allowed at a regional hospital due to the restricted services at the latter.

Third, in order to provide this service OnePassport and its Healthcare committee are working with multiple hospitals to create a standardised list of roles and tasks for each discipline. Therefore allowing greater information sharing between all stakeholders. Decreasing the time it takes for healthcare professionals to move between organisations.

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