Global movement to a mobile workforce

The workforce management platform for the mobile workforce

OnePassport is a workforce management platform for organisations with 5 - 500 workers with a mobile workforce. ‘Mobile workforce’ meaning a mix of lots of casual or part time workers who also regularly work elsewhere at the same time; as well as industries with short term contracts where people move around a lot.

Even though the they have a mobile workforce, the organisation still needs to track each workers’ skills and manage their compliance requirements. Failure to do so can lead to quality of service risks, security risks and compliance problems.

On top of that, staff turnover is generally higher than average and so speed to recruitment is vital. Which results in wasted time by senior staff due to manual recruitment processes.

Traditional HR systems are designed for companies with larger (750+) and more stable workforces. Such as large corporations like banks and manufacturing where worker employment is stable. It is not economically feasible for enterprise software providers to support these industries with smaller and mobile workforces.

Person Centred Organisations (PCO)

OnePassport puts the individual worker at the centre of the HR process rather than the organisation. Providing the method to share the individual’s data, which is the most stable and persistent information set, with each organisation the worker associates with.

OnePassport manages:

  • Contact details
  • Qualifications history
  • Employment history
  • Compliance status
  • Training experience

This approach provides senior staff a complete picture of every person in their organisation.

  • Saving time and money for both the organisation and the worker in managing ongoing training and compliance requirements
  • Saving time and lowering risk in hiring and and managing staff
  • Contributing to better staff engagement and lower turnover

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