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Helping the educators maintain their compliance

The average educator works for multiple employers at any given time. They frequently have a main employer, as well as other sessional roles and on-call roles depending on their area of expertise.

And each of these organisations is required to maintain a current trainer’s skills and qualifications matrix for each trainer.

The challenge is the current system is outdated and time intensive.

The Current System

The current system tracks four main pieces of information. They are:

  1. Name of qualification that the educator can teach
  2. Name of each unit in that qualification that the educator can teach
  3. Name of the qualification that provides the basis for the educator being allowed to teach that unit
  4. Evidence of industry currency held by the educator for each unit

The entire process is completed in a spreadsheet and is very time intensive. Each organisation has to make sure that the spreadsheet is maintained.


OnePassport provides a new system for managing the Trainer’s Skills & Qualifications Matrix

Verification of experience

As there is no point in adding unverified qualifications and experience into the Matrix, the first step is that OnePassport provides a variety of verification processes depending upon if this is a new educator or an existing one.

For a small sum, OnePassport can provide a report of:

  • Verified qualifications
  • Verified employment history

As well as optional extras such as:

  • Professional reference checking
  • Verified visa status

This report is perfect when hiring a new educator. The entire cost is approximately $100.

Trainer’s Skills & Qualifications Matrix

OnePassport provides an easy to follow formatting tool for the matrix.

OnePassport’s matrix imports all of the AQTF qualifications and units data, making it easy for an educator to choose each qualification and the units under that qualification. Including course and unit codes.

OnePassport allows the educator to then insert their verified qualifications into the matrix. Once the individual has set up their matrix in OnePassport, they can then share it with each training provider they associate with.

Each year it is easy for an educator to update their industry currency in their matrix and have it automatically update each of the training providers they are associated with.

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