Rise of the Aged Care workforce

Aged Care / Elder Care
We need to get better at attracting, engaging & retaining workers

OnePassport was originally designed for the Aged Care sector. The sector is beset with challenges such as:

  • Attracting and retaining enough workers. Let alone quality workers.
  • Engaging the workforce
  • Upskilling the workforce
  • Saving time and costs in workforce management
  • Lowering risk in workforce management

And with a large percentage of the workforce working for a couple of organisations at the one time, specific challenges such as:

  • How to share a new police check provided to a worker at one organisation with their other employers?
  • How to share completed mandatory training results between an individual worker’s employers so they are not having to come in on their day off and repeat a subject they’ve already done?
  • How to lower risk to the industry as a whole by being able to register all workers in the sector and hold them accountable to an accreditation standard?

OnePassport was designed to support providers in solving all of the above challenges.

OnePassport is a workforce management platform for aged care providers. It does not matter if they are a standalone home, a small group of homes or a large provider with over 20 homes. The platform manages the worker within the home, across the group, as well as across the sector.

Resulting in multiple points for workforce management efficiency that save time and money in operations, as well as lower risk to the residents, the organisation and the worker themselves.

Traditional HR systems are designed for companies with larger (750+) and more stable workforces. Such as large corporations like banks and manufacturing where worker employment is stable. It is not economically feasible for enterprise software providers to support these industries with smaller and mobile workforces.

Person Centred Organisations (PCO)

Aged Care is a person centred working environment. From caring for the residents to the workers themselves, everything is about people. Many aged care providers talk about Person Centred Care but they are usually referring to the residents. Not their workers.

OnePassport puts the individual worker at the centre of the HR process rather than the organisation. Providing the method to share the individual’s data, which is the most stable and persistent information set, with each organisation the worker associates with.

OnePassport manages:

  • Contact details
  • Qualifications history
  • Employment history
  • Compliance status
  • Training experience

This approach provides senior staff a complete picture of every person in their organisation.

  • Saving time and money for both the organisation and the worker in managing ongoing training and compliance requirements
  • Saving time and lowering risk in hiring and and managing staff
  • Contributing to better staff engagement and lower turnover

Registration & Accreditation

OnePassport provides much of the same functionality as other HR Information Systems. The key difference are the additional functionalities that make OnePassport a Person Centred Platform and why industries like Aged Care are using the platform to transform themselves.

In order for OnePassport to provide its connectivity to outside systems so that it can automate the collection of new police checks, qualifications and other information is because OnePassport is designed to connect entire industries. Linking each worker and each employer, including one worker with multiple employers, but also connecting in an industry wide system to register everyone who works in the sector in that country.

Lowering risk to all stakeholders because the industry knows who is working within it.

On top of registration, OnePassport also provides a customisable accreditation system with the criteria determined and managed by the sector. Adapted over time as the sector’s needs change

All connecting back to each aged care provider’s OnePassport workforce management system. Being updated in real time the status of your workers outside of your home.

Engage Card

The individual worker side of the national registration and accreditation system in the Aged Care sector is called the Engage Card. It provides an easy to use platform that workers can access either on a computer or on their smartphone.

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