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Winning in a Person Centred World

The modern workforce wants freedom and choice so that they are able to move where the opportunities exist. They want to work for Person Centred Organisations.

The organisations that embrace this movement are the ones that are able to attract, engage and ultimately retain the best quality people.

How can we help you?

OnePassport provides support to different roles across multiple industries

How does OnePassport work?

Simplify workforce management for both you and your workers

Each worker gets OnePassport

Empower each worker to manage their own personal information in a Personal Data Repository (PDR)

Consolidate your personnel information

All workforce management info in an easy to use & hard to break HR Information System (HRIS)

Connect your input providers

Automate police checks, receive annual competencies, see the big picture on each worker inside OnePassport

Who is using OnePassport?

Every day thousands of people use OnePassport to hold and share their information with their employers, associations and other membership organisations.

“I’m Japanese so English is my second language. So writing a CV takes me a long time and stresses me. With OnePassport I just fill in each step and it creates my CV for me!”

Satomi K

Sydney, NSW

“As a disability support worker I work for multiple employers at the same time. OnePassport allows me to update my details and share them with each employer automatically.”

Tony E

Geelong, VIC

“As an independent business course trainer, I lecture for a couple of unis and other education providers each semester. We are always needing to update and prove our industry currency in order to be compliant and able to teach. OnePassport makes that easy for me.”

John P

Melbourne, VIC

Why choose OnePassport?

Simplified workforce management

Save Time

One click to see workforce compliance. Three clicks to print a report on anything in the system. Automate common HR tasks.

Save Money

Redeploy admin staff by removing time consuming manual tasks

Retain the best people

Engaging your people, and building pride and confidence in them lowers staff

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