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Industry Workforce Registration

You’ve got the organisation, but the technology needs an upgrade

Many industries have a peak body that, among others things, provides a registration of workers service. Potentially an accreditation of workers as well.

Unfortunately, the technology does not meet the needs of registering and accrediting workers in that industry. Recent updates now mean that the technology can meet the aims. A peak body can provide an industry wide platform that supports all stakeholders.

OnePassport’s Peak Body Function

OnePassport was designed to provide a system to the aged care sector that connected workers and employers, but also connecting both of them to a new central registration system.

This setup also allowed the aged care sector to introduce an accreditation system (set of criteria) for workers to maintain in order to work in the sector.

The same function is being piloted for the disability sector. We have also been aproached by the childcare, mining, construction and other similar industries with lots of mobile workers and regulatory compliance requirements.

Turn Key Solution

If an industry has a peak body or industry body already, OnePassport provides them the technology in order to achieve their member registration and accreditation goals. If the industry does not have such a body, OnePassport has a turnkey solution that it offers to key stakeholders to help them launch such a body. Underpinned by the OnePassport system.

Either way, we can get you sorted.

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