Modernising trainer management

Trainers’ Skills Matrix

Simplifying and modernising trainer skills management

The key to success of a college is the quality of its trainers. Both from a practical, delivery viewpoint but also from a compliance viewpoint as well. It is vital to attract and engage the right trainers.

Though student management systems have progressed, there is no genuine alternative for managing a trainer’s skills matrix - the additional layer beyond their personnel record that shows which subjects in which qualifications they are allowed to teach.

The Current Model

There are a number of problems with the current model. They include:

  • The matrix is designed and maintained in a spreadsheet
  • The spreadsheet cannot import the list of qualifications and subjects with their codes from the governing body (ie ASQA in Australia)
  • The trainer’s qualifications cannot be easily verified
  • The trainer’s industry currency cannot be easily verified

Overall it is a time consuming process that creates risk for the college.

The New Model

OnePassport has designed a Trainers Skills Matrix that simplifies the whole process. It includes:

  • Importing the latest list of qualification, subjects and their codes from the governing body
  • An inexpensive trainer verification package that can verify a trainer’s qualifications, employment history, references and industry currency
  • The matrix can be held by the trainer and shared with multiple colleges (employers) concurrently

Essentially, OnePassport provides both the structure so that the industry can stop needing to use spreadsheets as well as the system to verify the key information.

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