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Metrics & Reports

There is no point to having the data if you cannot see it

There are many workforce management systems on the market. Overall, they manage the same kinds of information about your workers.

One of the biggest differences are the metrics and reporting functions. Does this relate to you:

  • I can create a report of who HAS a current police check but not the HAS NOT list. Instead I have be Sherlock Holmes and use deductive reasoning!
  • Similar to above, but the status of mandatory training. I cannot see who has not completed it.
  • The platform came with some preset reports and to get any other reports we have to call the vendor to create them (and we pay for this privilege)
  • I cannot compare two different areas (eg Carers with a CAR who speak ITALIAN)

If any of these sound familiar we can help you.


OnePassport’s metrics function was designed so that a manager can see their data in easy to understand at a glance graphical representations - metrics! Bar graphs, pie charts, etc that clearly show the breakdown of whatever you are seeking. See your key data at a glance.


When you need more details the OnePassport reports function allows you a lot of flexibility to:

  • Create a report at any of the data held within the system
  • Compile reports from multiple types of data
  • Show both the positive and the negative (who HAS and who HAS NOT)

And this functionality is available to all users of the OnePassport|ConnectHR system. So no longer do line managers and CEOs need to call the HR Department to get a report created. Each level of access can create reports based on their role and access level.

Access the power of the data you are already collecting. Save time and have genuine line of sight into your operation.

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