Practical vaccination management

Immunisation Register

Simplifying the management of vaccinations

Many industries now require vaccinations before a worker can commence work. As well as regular boosters depending upon the type of vaccination.

Unfortunately there has not been an easy to use option, for both workers and organisations, to manage this important area. Until now.

OnePassport’s Immunisation Register

OnePassport has a dedicated immunisation register that lists all of the major vaccinations used at this time. An individual can easily choose a vaccination, date and location and upload proof of their immunisation.

An organisation can add immunisations easily to workers either individually or in bulk. As well as import verified third party evidence that your worker has already received that vaccination elsewhere.

Privacy of Information

The information is held by the worker and the organisations they are connected to. There is no central database that is controlled or accessible by a government.

Continuous Improvement

OnePassport is constantly collaborating with organisations within the healthcare industry to improve the Immunisation Register. Including tightening the digital signature process; use in third world countries; and how we can use de-identified data to improve the lives of all people.

If your organisation might be interested in becoming involved in the continuous improvement projects please contact Amanda Edwards on [email protected]

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