Moving to a HR Information System means more than electronic personnel records

HR Information System (HRIS)

In the modern workplace with lots of mobile workers and regulatory compliance requirements, a HRIS is an essential piece of software. A HRIS is a lot more than electronic personnel records. It is also different to a payroll system or time & attendance/ rostering system.

A HRIS is the centre of your workforce management system. It should be the source of truth that all other IT systems and departments rely on.

Other HRIS platforms

All HRIS systems can manage each workers’ details. Most can also upload and hold a copy as evidence of qualifications, licenses and permits. The majority can run simple reports that tell a manager which of their staff HAVE a certain qualification or current background check (ie police check).


OnePassport has all of the above and lots more. It was designed specifically for organisations that have lots of mobile workers as well as regulatory compliance requirements. So the system is very powerful and unique.

OnePassport is designed to connect the individual to the organisation - not the other way around. Certainly you have all of the controls and access you need from an organisation viewpoint, but OnePassport supports you in empowering your workers to manage their own HR information.

  • The worker (and you) get alerts to renew items like visas and police checks
  • The worker can update their personal information themselves such as new phone numbers and email addresses
  • As many workers work for multiple parties concurrently, they can easily share experience and training gained external to your organisation

Let’s look at a few areas...

Line of Sight

Easily see all of your existing workers or deep dive into an individual record

Personnel Record Management

The next role is managing the initial collection and ongoing process for keeping the information held within the HR record up to date. This role involves each individual worker, their manager and the HR department all working together.

Importing individual information from a worker’s OnePassport’s app


Receiving job applications in the OnePassport format provides multiple benefits including:

  • The format is easy to quickly read. Especially if all CVs are in this format
  • It tells you that the worker has enough initiative to create a OnePassport account and complete the information
  • If you do hire them, rather than manually inputting the information you might be able to import the OnePassport details directly into your system

Uniform CV layout makes them easier to quickly read

Single Source of Truth

The final role is sharing particular information with key stakeholders such as payroll, rostering and compliance. It is a challenge to both secure the HR information with online backups and redundancies whilst at the same time share it with stakeholders outside of the HR Department.

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