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Carer Registration & Accreditation System

Supporting both formal and informal carers in their roles

Carers (including aged care, home care, disability support) look after some of the most vulnerable people in our society. As a community, we need to make sure that the people we send into their homes to look after them are the right kind of people with the right skills and attitude to provide the role.

National Registration

In Australia, OnePassport is providing a national registration for all carers in the Aged Care, Home Care and Disability Supports sectors called ACRAD (Australian Carers Registration & Accreditation Database).

The aim of ACRAD is that every person who provides that role, be them formal (employees) or informal (volunteer) carers, and in all three sectors, is registered in ACRAD. Allowing a system where all stakeholders can be shown a verified registration of the individual worker.

In order to register, a carer sets up a OnePassport account and uses it to connect to the aged care sector’s Foundation for Workforce Innovation

Engage Card

The Engage Card is a credentialing function built into ACRAD that has a set of criteria determined by the aged care sector as to what are the minimum requirements of a carer in order to work in the sector. Such as 100 points of ID, current police check, and the annual influenza vaccination.

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