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Automated Compliance Checks

Save time and costs for all stakeholders

There is a global growth in regulatory compliance for many industries. From background checks such as police checks and working with children checks; through to industry specific registration, accreditation, credentialing and scope of practice.

Each additional form of compliance adds time and costs to the operations of the organisation. At the same time, a missed or expired piece of compliance creates risk.

Until Now

The common practice until now was a largely manual system where either the worker or the organisation arranged a new copy of the compliance item. Either the organisation or the worker had to fill in paperwork and submit it to the relevant bodies to receive that new copy. Either way, the organisation had to then task someone to add that new copy to the individual worker’s personnel record.

It was slow. It was manual. Included lots of double handling of the same information.

The New Method

Due to API connectivity, many common compliance items can now be updated online and automatically. Saving all parties a lot of time, cost, risk and stress.

There are two key steps in this process:

  1. Applying for a new version of the compliance
  2. Updating the worker’s personnel record with the new version

Applying for a new version

OnePassport manages each individual compliance item for each worker. Including sending an alert to both the individual and their manager when an item is about to expire.

Depending upon the organisation’s process, either the worker or the organisation sends an online application to the relevant issuing authority. Typically the reply is also electronic and therefore the worker and organisation can receive a very fast response. Sometimes in as little as an hour depending upon the item.

So time to recognise that action is required; plus the length of time the action takes are all dramatically shortened.

Updating the record

OnePassport provides an API connectivity that allows the organisation to connect to the issuing authority. So when an online application is made, the response is not only electronic but it can also automatically update the correct individual worker’s records within the organisation’s HRIS.

Saving time and cost for the organisation and lowering risk for a non-compliance due to lost or delayed compliance documents.

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