Managing things when they happen to your people

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Manager
One of the keys to high morale is the successful management of incidents

All organisations are impacted by workplace health and safety incidents from time to time. Whatever the incident it is vital that it is managed properly.

Management of an incident usually starts with with documenting the incident and any supporting evidence. It is important that there is a clear record of events. Including timelines for the event, and segregation of information such as phone calls, notes, and meetings.

Once the initial aspects of the incident have been setup, a plan and timeline for their return to work needs to be created. It is important for the WHS Manager and the worker’s direct manager can easily see both organisation information to see potential other opportunities, such as light duties, that would be suitable for the worker as they transition back into the workplace.

As well as understanding the bigger picture about the worker, such as their non-work related skills and hobbies, that may assist them to transition into a different role either temporarily or permanently.

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