Making sure that standards are maintained

Quality Manager
Compliance and performance standards are vital for a successful organisation

Generally there are two key areas of responsibility for a Quality Manager: the compliance registers and performance reviews.

Depending upon the industry usually dictates the regulatory compliance that the organisation and its workers are subject to. Compliance usually includes items such as current employment contract, tax declaration form, police check and some form of annual mandatory training.

Failure of a worker to meet these requirements not can put them at risk individually, but can also put the organisation at risk as well. So it is important to be able to easily track each compliance item. Including an overview... well as being able to easily drill down into one particular item...

...or person.

It is important that performance management, from annual reviews to disciplinary matters, are properly documented. Any misstep in the process can open the organisation to risk.

As the majority of organisations already have a performance management structure in place, it is helpful if the online system can be easily customised to the different performance management types and stages already in use.

As performance management is often a private matter, it is important that the details can be both connected to separated from rest of the worker’s personnel record.

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