Managing the constant change that is IT

IT Manager
The team that underpins every other team

There is a saying that “The only constant is change” and the IT Department typically embodies that sentiment. No longer is IT a group of engineers in the bowels of the building making sure that the servers keep operating.

In today’s world IT impacts each and every other department and every worker in the organisation.

Everything from managing the communication systems and data storage; security and risk management; to each department expecting a SaaS platform that works for their needs but potentially not fitting into the overall network. (But they still want it connected and sharing information ASAP). At the same time there are new platforms and apps being launched weekly; the running debate between ERP and fit-for-purpose platforms; and the growth in expectations from all stakeholders in what is achievable by IT.

The OnePassport system can support your area of interest in one key function that then supports multiple sub-functions that you are probably be asked about.

Information Sharing

The modern IT network requires various third party platforms to connect to each other and share information. In today’s age we are referring to API supported information sharing. Not flat files, CSV upload/ download, etc.

In order to achieve this there are two options:

  1. Direct connection (close coupling)
  2. Data Integration as a Service (DIaaS) - also known as middleware

Direct Connection (Close Coupled)

DIaaS (Loose Coupled)

As DIaaS has traditionally been very expensive, it has only really been adopted by corporations. Leaving most small to medium size organisations to either use direct connections or manual processes as workarounds.

The trouble with Direct Connections is that the two platforms need to intimately know each other in order for the system to work. For example, Payroll System A connects to Rostering System A. After a few years Rostering System A is no longer a market leader and you want to migrate to Rostering System B. Unfortunately, this can prove difficult.

For starters, can Payroll System A and Rostering System B share information? (Do they have an API connection?). What language are they both developed in? How complicated will it be to map the information across? After all of the questions, you will then require developers to build the connection. Finally, when either platform does an upgrade (eg version 3.7 to 4.1), the connection will usually fail somewhere and require the developers to fix it.

The other option is using a DIaaS by a third party provider. They provide a standard information sharing structure to all platform providers (such as Payroll System A, B, C, etc and Rostering System A, B, C, etc) so that all platforms can easily send and receive information with other platforms.

As no two platforms directly connection as they are “loose coupled”, you have the control of your IT network to plug and play the best platforms for your circumstances. If you want to migrate from one platform provider to another, you can literally unplug the old one and plug in the new one. This also allows you to upgrade each functionality independently of everything else. No need for anymore complicated change management projects.

OnePassport|ConnectHQ provides a DIaaS platform for small to medium organisations. It is easy to use and priced for small organisations.

Click Here for a video on Simplifying API orchestration with event choreography by Sean Bennett.

IT User Management

OnePassport|ConnectHQ provides a number of services that make managing organisation wide IT users easier. They include:

  • Single centralised login point
  • Central dashboard with organisation chart for user management
  • Central dashboard for platform access management
  • Single Sign On (SSO) functionality

A user can access their login from any browser at

Create your Organisational Chart to show the layout of branches or departments

All users are listed under their branch or department. Managers can their branch and below in the Organisational Chart

Managers can assign organisation platforms to each worker based on their needs.

Workers can the Organisational Platforms as well as easily add reference sites they use as links to their dashboard

Future Proofing

Because organisation needs and IT options are always developing, it is important that the IT system chosen for your organisation can evolve with you over time. There will always be new platforms that can perform an important task better than anything else currently in your IT network. At the same time, ever changing industry requirements mean new functionality needs that may not even be on the radar at this time.

You need to be in control of your IT network for both removing underperforming functionality as well as adding on new requirements.

OnePassport|ConnectHQ is the key to your IT network having a plug & play best of breed functionality that puts you in control. Not the platform providers.

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